Blued is an interest-based social and health education network that advocates for positive, healthy and happy life. Besides convenient and fast social communication and diverse contents for the youth, Blued has been conducting HIV prevention and publicizing by means of mobile internet and social media to promote the development of social public welfare. Cooperating with the government, community-based organizations and international organizations, Blued has actively participated in work of HIV prevention, diverse culture advocacy and discrimination elimination. You may find the nearest HIV testing site and enjoy a confidential and free testing service by clicking “Online Testing Booking” on Blued, or look through abundant and professional health information.

Till Nov. 2017, with its 40 million registered users, including 30% overseas users, Blued had finished its Round D financing. Along with its commercialization, Blued has been performing its social responsibility to invest in the domains of public health and HIV prevention. Geng Le, CEO of Blued, and Chen Zihuang, executive director of Danlan public welfare, have met Premier Li Keqiang, Vice Premier Liu Yandong and UN Deputy Secretary General Michel Sidibe. Blued also has long-term and good cooperation with UNAIDS, WHO, China CDC, etc.

In 2016, as the representative of Chinese CBOs and internet companies, Blued was invited to share experience of “Internet+ HIV Prevention” at the UN High-level Conference on “End the AIDS Epidemic”and the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa. In 2017, Blued was invited to present on “Mobile Smart Technology-based HIV Prevention” in the 9th IAS AIDS Science Conference in Paris, France.