名称解读:I Do’ Times(该我行动的时候!)

企业理念:爱播天下 都成时代

企业精神:励志 笃行 创业 创新

经营理念:培育互联网全生态艺人   构造健康娱乐新文化


公司至二零一五年成立至今,事事时时以“励志 笃行 创业 创新”为做事风格,始终坚持“Every time is I do time”的行动指南。爱都时代现已发展成为西南直播行业领军企业,公司旗下艺人数千名,分布于全球各地,拥有粉丝量超千万。为了快速推进公司全面发展,公司斥巨资在蓉城市金牛万达广场SOHO C座22楼重新布置爱都时代总部豪华办公大楼以及在新都、华阳等地快速发展起来的创意工作室和艺人孵化器,共拥有创意直播间50多个,化妆间、形体舞蹈室也是一应俱全,并与各大才艺培训机构、美容机构、影视娱乐机构、大专院校等长期合作,为艺人的全面发展提供360度的服务。


人才战略:爱都人才专业化 专业人才爱都化





I Do’ Times

The Meaning of the Name:I Do’ Times = It’s time for me to do!

The Company Business Concept:I Am Live, Do Wonders.

The Company Spirit: Encouragement  Earnest  Entrepreneurship  Innovation

The Business Aim: Training Internet All-round Artists, Forming Healthy New Entertainment Culture

Born in the wave of “Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, Chengdu I Do’Times Culture Transmission Co. Ltd has experienced the development of Internet Plus and the advancement in the live entertainment industry. All the while, it insists on its own target and business concept: The company aims to establish the biggest Internet all-round artists training institution throughout the country and form a healthy new entertainment culture of the live industry.

From 2015 until now, not only does the company consistently pursue the spirit of “Encouragement, Earnest, Entrepreneurship, Innovation”, but also it carries out the action guide “Every time is I do time” throughout. Nowadays, the company has developed into the leading one of the southwestern live industry that owns thousands of artists. They are distributed over the world and possess more than ten million fans. In order to promote the comprehensive development of the company, huge sum of money is spent to redecorate the head office that locates on the 22nd floor, Building C of SOHO, Jinniu Wanda Plaza in Chengdu. Moreover, creative studios and artist incubators are set up rapidly in Xindu, Huayang, etc. All these branches contain over fifty creative live studios in total and equip themselves with sufficient dressing and dancing rooms. Since a chain of many-sided service is indispensable for the comprehensive development of artists, the company has ensured the long-term cooperation with institutions of higher education and major organizations of talent training, beauty care as well as film and television entertainment.

Under the influence and supervision of the government and industry policy, the company actively pursues its aim of “Training Internet All-round Artists, Forming Healthy New Entertainment Culture”. It tailors development programs specifically for its artists, and designs marketing strategies in accordance with social changes so as to cover the national major broadcast platforms. As a consequence, the artists can receive much publicity and make their relevant topics discussed extensively on the Internet. In addition, not only can fans learn the newest trend of their idols, but also they can become a valuable income source of their favorite artists. With the help of those business strategies, the company will guide both hosts and fans towards the correct road of rational entertainment and achieve its goal of “I Am Live, Do Wonders”.

The Talent Strategy: Make the Artists of “I Do” Professional, Make the Professional Artists I-Dolized

The Brand Strategy: Reaching the Top of National Live Industry

The Business Strategy: Accelerating the Self-Development of the Company, Promoting the Cooperation with Different Fields

Our Target: Guiding both Hosts and Fans towards the Correct Road of Rational Entertainment